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To register for Early College courses at Maine’s Public Universities you will need to create an account on the ExplorEC Portal at ExplorEC is designed to facilitate development of networks between the high schools and the universities, making it easier for students to sign up for Early College classes and expedite data collection.  ExplorEC will help our universities and high schools work together seamlessly to provide a bridge to better serve students, parents, teachers, college faculty, and EC Administrators.

Some highlights include:

  • One system will be used to access the Early College programs at all 7 of Maine’s Public Universities

  • No paper forms

  • Students will start the registration process and applications will not be forwarded to the guidance counselor until they are complete

  • Guidance counselors will review and approve student applications

  • Electronic signatures will be accepted

  • Transcripts not required (though may be requested in some circumstances)

  • Once students have an account in the system, they will not need to re-enter demographic information

Training Materials

Frequently Asked Questions About ExplorEC

Parents & Students

The University of Maine System is working towards consistency in fees. In the meantime, we have posted a summary of course fees for each program below.

For additional help or information please contact your University’s Early College Coordinator.

Students should start with creating an account or logging in to the ExplorEC Portal. Student tutorials for how to set up an account can be found at the top of this page.  Once logged in to ExplorEC Portal, there will be a link to search for courses. Please note that the course search feature shows all 100, 200, and 300 level courses offered by our campuses to ensure a wide variety of options to meet the needs of all students. This does not necessarily mean all students will eligible to take all courses listed. The student must meet the prerequisites of the course to enroll. 

Log into ExplorEC and look at your class applications. If the course status is “applied” you can click on the course and then “remove selected”. If the status is “registered” you must contact the EC Administrator at your University.


High School Counselors & Administrators

This may seem redundant, but we did not want to bypass the importance of the counselor/parent relationship in this process. The parent is signing off to acknowledge the University policies and procedures (fees, credit limits, transcripts, etc.). We also want to be sure parents understand the implications of taking a college course from the high school side as well (e.g. How does this fit into the high school schedule? Will students have time to balance an online class with other coursework? How will credits be applied at the high school level?). Also, the process will not stop while waiting for a parent sign-off. The counselors can approve applications anytime the student submits them. That way multiple steps can happen simultaneously. If parent are in contact with the guidance counselor about EC opportunities, they won’t be surprised to get our sign-off email and this will hopefully speed up the process. We won’t register students until all parts of the application (student, counselor, parent) are complete, however.

We set up the course export from the University system (MaineStreet/PeopleSoft) to include course prerequisites. So, counselors will see the prerequisites with the course information. For example, if a student wants to sign up for Spanish 102, the prerequisite will show they need to have Spanish 101 first. Most students take entry level courses so this field will be blank. Here is a screenshot from a current student application:

Alt text: Under the label course there is ENV 200, Principles of Environmental Science at University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK). Under the label Pre-requisite there is a blank area that is highlighted. Under Faculty there is Thompson, Kirsten

That is correct. We will be processing these quickly as we want to ensure students are able to get a seat in classes that fill quickly. Our goal is 2 days or less. We may also use the notes section in ExplorEC if additional information about the student is needed. The notes field will log the correspondence in the system, and also generate an email to the counselor to indicate next steps.

If the course status is “applied” the student can remove the course on their own. If the status is “registered” the student must contact the EC Administrator. Per counselor request, we will be changing our system in the future to notify counselors as well when student requests to change, drop, or withdraw.


For additional help or information please contact your University’s Early College Coordinator.

Course Fees

Dual enrollment and Aspirations students may earn a total of up to 6 tuition free credits per semester for a total of 12 per academic year at all public institutions (including Maine’s Public Universities and Maine’s Community Colleges). Students are responsible for tuition charges that may be incurred for excess credits. Students are responsible for any fees and course costs, including books, not covered by the high school, grant, or other agency funding. Please refer to the table below, or contact your University’s Early College Coordinator for specific information on your course and program.

Please note that this table does not include course specific fees such as lab fees that may be incurred.

CAMPUS Fees per Credit Other Fees
UMaine $0 Online Fee: $25/credit
UMFK $28/credit $0
UMM $15/credit Online Fee: $25/course
UMA $0 $0
USM $30/credit USM Dual Enrollment Students (courses at the high school): $75

USM Aspirations Students (courses at USM or online): Online fee (if applicable), transportation fee, student activity fee. (All per credit hour fees)
Average Cost/3 Cr. Class = $164

UMPI UMPI Dual Enrollment Students (courses at the high school): $20/credit

UMPI Aspirations Students:

UMPI campus on-site classes: $30/credit

UMPI online & off-campus site classes: $20/credit; if applicable: distance learning course support fee $12/credit

UMF $0 $90 for one class, $175.90 for two classes


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