Success Stories

Early College Coding

The University of Maine System participates in several Early College programs across the state of Maine. These programs are designed to engage high school students in college level coursework for academic credit. Sustained growth and more accurate reporting of these programs (Aspirations, Dual Enrollment, and Bridge Year) requires consistent tracking of data related to the various dimensions of Early College. The Early College Coding workgroup, in collaboration with the Registrars, developed a system in which they will track Early College students by their associated course section. This method allows for more accurate counts and reporting of students participating in different types of Early College programs.

Financial Aid Coding

The University of Maine System utilizes standard system-wide reports to fulfill a major annual reporting requirement to the US Department of Education through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The Financial Aid Coding workgroup was able to collaborate with Financial Aid Directors in order to update the student housing section, and also develop a consistent coding system for student income brackets. These changes now result in a more accurate system-wide report that better facilitates IPEDS reporting.