Current Data Governance Issues

Workgroup Progress

Student Coding for Multi-Campus Collaborative Programs

One of the key things that we hope to have established as part of this group’s work is a definition of what a collaborative program is, thereby allowing consistent coding, tracking and reporting of students in programs that cross over from campus to campus.

Instructor of Record

The Instructor of Record workgroup was tasked with developing methods for more accurately tracking instructor workload and activity in MaineStreet. Since the workgroup convened in fall 2017, they have identified gaps in the current data collection process and proposed utilizing PeopleSoft’s Instructor Workload Feature as a solution. The feature will be piloted with three units at the University of Maine in fall 2018.

Financial Aid Coding

The financial aid coding group worked with the Financial Aid directors and DARTS to correct some of the fields used for IPEDS reporting. We are currently working with the directors to (1) complete a more in-depth review of financial aid item type coding and (2) create a central repository for documentation and helpful information related to financial aid definitions, processes, and reporting in Confluence.

Enrollment Reports

This workgroup was established in order to synthesize models for displaying recruitment, enrollment, and retention information across the UMS. Working with stakeholders from all seven campuses, the group has put together a sample recruitment dashboard that will serve as the first of several system-wide dashboards to provide interactive data visualizations for internal and external data needs.

Early College Coding

Working with registrars, we are excited to report that we now have a consistent, system-wide method to code sections of early college courses (providing more accurate data that reflects the fluidity of these students across the various early college programs). We will continue to work toward finding solutions for the location and instructors of early college courses that will also be consistent across all UMS institutions.

Distance Education Coding

This group was formed to address inconsistencies in existing coding practices for distance education (including online) students, courses, and academic programs. In addition to making recommendations in regard to existing inconsistencies, the workgroup plans to 1) code additional levels of distance coding detail, 2) to ensure all course and program information in MaineStreet that is of interest to students is also on campus websites, and 3) ensure compliance with NC-SARA reporting.

Deferred Students

The Deferred Student workgroup has been exploring ways to align reporting of data that include deferred students. We are talking with primary stakeholders in Admissions, Student Records and soon Financial Aid about business processes and whether we can align our data processing of deferred students in order to compare “apples to apples” in our reporting.

For more detailed documentation on some of the issues that have been identified for Data Governance, please visit the Data Governance Issues site.